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#1 Event Lighting in Augusta ME

Our Augusta ME Event Lighting Will Elevate Any Occasion

For some, event planning is fun. For others, it’s a chore that’s incredibly difficult because there’s just so many things to keep track of. Usually, people are so focused on decorations and centerpieces that lighting is just overlooked. It’s a shame when we see an event that’s nice – but could have been made even better if the event lighting had been given more attention. Great lighting really is an art form. For a while, it was illegal to publish a picture of the Eiffel Tower that was taken at night – all due to the lighting. The professional lighting was done so well that publishing the pictures was considered breaking copyright. Don’t let your event be anything other than spectacular. While you take care of the decorations and music choices, let us handle the lighting for your event. SkyBox Augusta Lighting provides the best event lighting services in all of Maine, we take it as a great honor to serve you on your special day and look forward to meeting you!

Benefits of our All Inclusive
Event Lighting Services

For our customers in Augusta, event lighting is the most cost-effective way to transform any venue into something that looks magazine-worthy. It’s also important to keep in mind that lighting sets the mood of those attending the event. Have you ever walked into a store with awful lighting, only to end up walking out empty-handed and not feeling as happy as you were when you entered? Lighting is vital in helping to put people in a good mood. You want your attendees to feel like they want to stay at your event for as long as possible, partying the night away, making memories that will last a lifetime.

Even if you’ve picked a venue that has everything you want from it, it can still benefit from our professional Augusta wedding lighting. What you want to think about is, what do you want to call attention to in the room? Perhaps the venue has an extravagant chandelier that you’d like to make stand out a bit more. Or maybe you’d like the focal point of the room to be on a specially designed cake or arrangement. Lighting is what helps draw your guest’s eye to exactly what you want them to be looking at. Without lighting being used to draw the eyes to a focal point in the room, your event may end up looking either too cluttered or even empty. Lighting helps to not only showcase something, but it also helps tie the other decorations together.

Our number one goal is customer satisfaction. We want your event or wedding to be even more spectacular than you were imagining. When you hire SkyBox Wedding Lighting, you’re hiring the number one Augusta wedding lighting installers and the best wedding lighting in Central Maine. Through our use of equipment, techniques, and expertise, we can absolutely guarantee the best lit event ever. Your goals are our goals, and whatever your wish is, we’ll make it a reality.

#1 Event Lighting Augusta ME

Make Your Business Stand Out Amongst The Crowd

How SkyBox Holiday & Event Lighting, LLC Compares To Other Event Lighting Companies

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Christmas light hanging service

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We Provide The Highest Quality
Event Lighting In Central Maine

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Frequently Asked Event Lighting Questions

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  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
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  • Only Professional Grade Lighting
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This is when we place lights on the floor and point them upwards. Up-lighting can be used to cast shapes and colors on walls, and can also be used for dramatic effect. If you’d like atmospheric and ambient lighting, up-lighting works wonders. This is a favorite for Augusta event lighting all through Maine.

With gobo lights, we’re able to place a stencil over the lighting. This means that for your event, we could cast your company logo onto the wall or floor. Anything that you’d like cast in lights, we’re able to accommodate.

Pendant lights are lights that hang from above. While that may not sound exciting or spectacular, the lights we use are. Imagine Chinese paper lanterns hanging from the ceiling or maybe lights that look like the flowers. No matter what theme or style you’re going for, we have the pendant lighting that will fit perfectly.

It’s much easier to find a venue when you don’t have to worry about the colors the room already has. If you don’t have the best colors for your interior we can help to solve this. Whatever colors you want for your event in Maine, our lighting can be used to accomplish it.

String lights may not sound very elegant, but that’s because you’re thinking of the string lights you can buy at your local store. The string lights we use for your Augusta event lighting comes in a variety of colors and shapes. If you’d like your event to have a rustic, romantic, or magical feel, string lights are the way to go.

You may be wondering if your event warrants professional lighting. We know from experience that nearly every event can benefit from a great lighting setup. Here are just some of the events we’ve worked on in the past:

  • Fundraisers
  • Galas
  • Holiday Parties
  • Concerts
  • Baby Showers
  • Family Reunions
  • Premieres
  • Special Events
  • And many more! 

As you can see, it isn’t just upper-crust events that can benefit from lighting. If you have an event coming up anywhere in Maine, our #1 rated Augusta event lighting services can really help kick it up a notch.

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