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Hi there! My name’s Kaleb! Christmas Lights have been a passion of mine ever since I was a child. The Christmas season is the best time of year to many, yet sadly, it’s also the worst time of year for some. The warm glow and the cheerful brightness Christmas Lighting brings during this time is why I choose to do it. For many years I’ve done my own synchronized light display to music on my family business here in Manchester. After that, it spread to me decorating every living thing in town that I could get my hands on. 🙂 The fun, happiness, and all around “Christmas Spirit” that I witness others gain from my work is all I need. It brings me great joy to be able to offer this service as “my job”. Along with Christmas Lights, I also enjoy concert lighting, and any other event that you want to “liven up”! Team SkyBox is here to help bring your visions to life, or let us create something magical for you. No stress, no pressure, just laid back and awesome.

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