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Commercial Christmas Light Installation Augusta Maine

Make Your Business shine with our Commercial Christmas light installation

One of the best parts of the holiday season is seeing all the decorations around town. Sure it’s fun to drive around central Maine and gaze at all the displays outside people’s homes – but it’s even better when you’re running errands or just going about your day and you’re still able to bask in the Christmas cheer. However it’s not just homes that are putting up Christmas lights, businesses can benefit from greatly from Commercial Christmas light installation.

Benefits of Our Commercial Christmas Lighting in Maine

Increased Revenue

The restaurant chain Golden Corral has performed a split-test among some of its restaurants during the holiday season. The results showed that the restaurants with commercial Christmas lighting installed actually made more money than the restaurants without Christmas lights. People are attracted to beautiful commercial Christmas lighting displays and will enjoy their time more at your jolly business.

Employee Happiness

When you see Christmas lights, you’ve probably noticed that you feel a bit happier. It isn’t just you that it happens to! The Journal of Environmental Psychology performed a study and found that Christmas decorations physically stimulate the neural pathways in people that see them. This makes for happier employees and customers when they’re surrounded by commercial Christmas lighting at your place of business.

Our Commercial Christmas Lighting Clientele

If you’re thinking that your business in Central Maine could benefit from commercial Christmas lighting, you’re absolutely correct! If you’re a bit unsure about putting on a nice display ‘just for the holidays,’ think again. Our repeat customers include the following:

  • Shopping centers
  • Small businesses
  • Restaurants
  • Breweries
  • Work spaces
  • Doctor’s offices
  • Hotels
  • Car dealerships
  • Public/government buildings

Whatever your commercial space is, we know exactly the best way to give you a beautiful Christmas light display.

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What Goes Into Augusta Commercial Christmas Light Installation?

If you’ve put up your own Christmas lights before, you know how difficult it can be. If you’ve ever tried creating a whole Christmas display, you know there is a lot that goes into it. If you don’t hire professionals for your Augusta commercial Christmas light installation, you’ll have to handle all of the following yourself:


It’s not easy to find great quality lights that will withstand the harsh winter of Central Maine. Our commercial Christmas lights are top of the line professional grade.


Bulbs go out sometimes. It’s unavoidable. They’re not much fun replacing in the harsh winter, however. We provide free maintenance calls no matter the issue.


If you’re not a Christmas light installation expert, troubleshooting can be difficult since most people only handle Christmas lights once a year.

Take Down

The least fun part of all - taking the lights down at the end of the holiday season. For many people, they hate it so much that they procrastinate until Easter.


Professional-grade lights that will last through the harsh winter are not cheap. Here at SkyBox Holiday & Event Lighting, we buy these Christmas lights in bulk. This means that we’re able to give you an incredible discount on high-quality lights.

Power Balancing

It’s important to balance the circuits in your commercial space to avoid putting additional stress on them. It can be difficult to figure out how to evenly distribute the load so that your power isn’t affected. We take good care of your electrical units,


All of our services are licensed, insured and carried out by professionally trained technicians. When it comes to commercial Christmas lighting in Augusta Maine, safety is no joke, being up on roofs requires the utmost caution and concern.


It can be easy to just throw up a few strings of lights and call it a day, but making it perfect isn't that easy. Making the perfect display means taking many trips up and down ladders to make even minor adjustments. The magic is in the details.

Due to all of these difficulties, many businesses would rather just ignore one of the best parts of the holiday season. Luckily for our customers in Augusta, commercial Christmas lighting is our specialty.

New Customers Get $50 Off!

We’re the Augusta Commercial Christmas Light Installation Experts

If you’re in Central Maine and you’d like to have a wonderful Christmas display this year, SkyBox Holiday & Event Lighting has you covered. Here are just a few reasons why you should choose us for your commercial Christmas light installation in Augusta

CLIPA Certified

We take our jobs seriously, so we’ve taken the time to become CLIPA Certified (Christmas Light Installation Pros Association Certified Installer). We’re constantly completing more training in order to give our customers the absolute best Christmas lighting services in Central Maine.

Custom Designs

If you have an idea in mind for your commercial space, we’ll do our best to bring it to life. If, however, you’d like us to create a custom design for you, we can absolutely do that as well. All of our Christmas lights are custom cut and made for each individual client.

Light Durability

We use only the best professional-grade lights we can buy. This means that the lights will last throughout the tough Augusta winter. These commercial grade LED lights are safer, brighter and last much longer than any store-bought light.

Smart Lighting

If you’d like your Christmas lights to stay on 24/7, we can set that up for you. Many people now, however, are trying to be more eco-conscious and aware of their electricity use. We’re able to install a smart lighting system so that your Christmas lights turn on or off at set hours of the day.


Although we use the best lighting in the business, sometimes bulbs just go out. It happens once and a blue moon. The great thing, though, is that you don’t have to worry about it! If a bulb goes out, give us a call and we’ll be there to fix it, service calls are always free!

Light Removal

Whenever you’d like your Christmas lights taken down, just let us know. We can take them down right after the holidays, or even a bit later if you’d like to bask in the holiday cheer for a while longer.


Normally to use high-quality lights like the ones we use would cost you big bucks. Since we buy in bulk, we’re able to give you a discount on these lights. Whatever your budget is, we’re able to work within it to give you a wonderful Christmas light display.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Our number one goal is customer satisfaction. If there is even a tiny issue, let us know and we will fix it immediately.!

Why stress out this holiday season? You have enough to do with Christmas shopping, cooking, and holiday events. Let SkyBox Holiday & Event Lighting take care of the decorating for you. Your customers and employees will be in awe.

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